At Black Fashion Fund, our goal is to be the guiding force that allows talented individuals to strive in a world that constantly places barriers upon them. We intend to create an experience where underrepresented individuals everywhere can feel educated, inspired and motivated to pursue whatever their hearts desire.


Additionally, we hope to resolute confidence in people of all ages who may feel like they don’t have all the answers. Like a “Best Friend Forever/BFF” would, we are happy to support our people by whatever means necessary.  With the help of financial assistance, free educational programs, and more we plan to instill all the qualities that are vital to being successful, well rounded beings  in this ever-changing world. 

Here at BFF, we promote inclusivity, creativity, transparency and growth. So whether you’re a student, non-student, graduate, creative or entrepreneur, it doesn’t matter. Everyone deserves a shot on their paths towards greatness.